Oluşum Grubu

‘Street Retail’ which seems to go with the territory in today’s city life is a main focus in company’s agenda. Another enterprise of the venture, Venue International stands out in real estate development business. Venue International, collaborating with many internationally famous brands is an expert agency in this field.

Oluşum Grubu incorporates all the hotel investments and a number of well-recognised enterprises who every each has achieved a considerable success in their own field under a single roof. Avenue and Taşkonak, all make a significant impression. Avenue operates in hotel and residence development projects in North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany. Taşkonak participates in the efforts of revitalization in the historic peninsula with a substantial hotel project.

A similar architectural manner can be witnessed in the gentrification works of Yıldız Yapı Grubu. Environment and human friendly, life facilitating smart buildings are in sync with the rhythm and the soul of the city and in harmony with the neighbourhood’s fiber.