Avenue has many hotel and residence projects developed in Köln (Cologne), Krefeld, and Schwelm.

Avenue GMBH Germany projects:
Touristic Complex consisting a 1,400 square meters of indoors in Köln (Cologne), brings in a hotel with 50 rooms and a restaurant court for a number of food and beverage services, all leading in the catering sector.
Hohenzollernring 86, Köln 50672.

The building located on the train station square in Krefen, Germany functions as a hotel and an office building which provides various accomodation facilities for students and private sector employees. The building has multiple sized convertible or adjoining units for stopovers and/or longer accomodations.
Ostwall 11-19, Krefeld 47798.

Residence building in Schwelm is for 25 apartments in varying dimensions ranging from 71 square meters to 176 square meters and a parking garage for 35 vehicles.
Hasslinghauser Strasse 9-13a, Schwelm 58332.