Cankurtaran is recognized as a historic district, an imperial zone and a major architectural site in the old city. During the Byzantine period, structures like The Palace of Manganoi or the Bucoleon Palace or in the era of the Ottomans some summer pavilions and the exterior gardens of the Topkapı Palace were located in the vicinity. The implementation area of the Taşkonak project reaches the edge of the Cankurtaran Square in the south with a full view of the Sea of Marmara and slopes down to Cankurtaran suburban train station. Through the east along the İshak Paşa Street, the walls of the Topkapı Palace is in the periphery.

City block in the project area is composed of 49 parcels. 3 parcels are expropriated. 13 among the remaining 46 are registered as ancient buildings.

An inner court in the rear refunctions as a public domain space for restaurants, cafés, and tea houses and offers social activity facilities. Basement floor is reserved mainly for commercial usage.

The project is handled as a small scaled city planning. The texture of the historic quarters is preserved and treated with an architectural manner that wouldn’t interfere the silhouette of the historical peninsula. Project aims to take the sociological, cultural, and historical values of the area under protection and contribute to its touristic and economic development.