Yıldız Yapı

Abdi İpekçi 43

This project like some of the other sister projects, is also on Abdi İpekçi Road. Location’s valuation of real estate ranks among the highest not only in İstanbul or in Turkey but in a global scale. The most distinguished area of the city, Abdi İpekçi is very fashionable for high end shopping with a good number of brand stores. This is a district that never sleeps where art galleries, hot spot venues, and stylish restaurants take place.

Abdi İpekçi 43 is an attached building system. The façade is 20.40 m. long but the rear front extends to 22.50 m. in length, and the depth is 26 m. Ground floor, 1st floor, and the first two basement floors are reserved for commercial purposes. Upper six floors and the top loft are residential areas. Fourth basement is purposed for utility and storage rooms, and third basement floor is for social and recreative areas.