Yıldız Yapı

Vali Konağı 26

Vali Konağı 26 is on Vali Konağı Street. The street has a significant urban value by its location and centennial history. The area has transformed to be a financial zone long since and Vali Konağı became the main artery. So accordingly, project Vali Konağı 26, parcel ID number 47 - lot 776, aims to reserve the ground floor for commercial purposes only. For the the upper floors aerial analysys is planned to allocate the space for both residential and commercial functions. The residence layouts are planned so that, the living quarters are positioned to the street-front façade facing Vali Konağı. Bedrooms are placed to the back front facing the inner court while the domestic units are in the mid-section. The eight floor building is 28.5 m. high with a width of 12 m. The façade design reflects the historic identity of the street with a contemporary manner.